A writer, director, and creator specializing in science fiction, Blake Leibel maintains involvement with several different projects in a variety of media. First surfacing in the entertainment industry at Fantasy Prone LLC, Mr. Leibel collaborated with legendary producer Mel Brooks for the single season of Spaceballs: The Animated Series, which was broadcast on the G4 network. The follow-up to the 1987 cult classic film, Blake Leibel directed three episodes of Spaceballs: The Animated Series and served as creative consultant and character designer for several other episodes during its run. In addition to his work at Fantasy Prone, Mr. Leibel directed the comedy film Bald for Big Up Entertainment and The Company Pictures.

Alongside his film career, Blake Leibel also writes comic books and screenplays. Mr. Leibel wrote the seven installments of United Free Worlds, a comic book space opera revolving around an interstellar war. In 2010, Blake Leibel published Syndrome, a lengthy graphic novel that grappled with the questions surrounding what provokes a person to commit evil acts. Recently, Mr. Leibel completed a screenplay for a film entitled Psychopomp, which he sold to producer Hilary Shor. Psychopomp is currently in pre-production, with an expected release sometime in 2012.

An avid gamer with the ultimate goal of creating his own massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, Blake Leibel previously won world championships in both the classic first-person shooter Half-Life and its popular expansion pack, Half Life: Opposing Force.


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